April 24, 2013

Color Explosions

I am pretty sure that Florence Welch might be the most badass red head ever. I went to a Florence + the Machine concert this past fall and had a fantastic time. Seriously, she's an amazing performer, and very rarely have I ever seen someone so good at working a crowd. I am sure she drove security crazy because she kept jumping around and at one time she got off stage and ran around the entire inside auditorium, with big guys in black pants and shirts chasing and panting after her. By the end of the show I was so amped I was jumping around wishing it would never end. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you go to a show, however, be prepared to be surrounded by swarms of Stevie Nicks look-a-likes - and if they're not wearing flowing broomstick skirts, then they're going to be in flannel. There is no escape.

That being said, have you seen the recent article and photo shoot of Florence Welch's home in Vogue, Rock the Casa (see what they did there!)? I'm a big fan of her music, both her band and her side project, and just as big a fan of her home. Here are a few of my favorite rooms.

I have always wanted a sleigh bed and this one might be perfect. However, there are two reasons why this bed will never be in my life. First, it is pink with flowers, and entirely too feminine to be allowed into our apartment. Second, Tony has this weird idiosyncrasy where he needs his feet to stick out of the end of the bed. I don't understand it. I thought the whole point of having a California King was so that his feet didn't stick off the end of the bed...apparently, they need to be on the bed but not under the covers. I don't understand. That being said, I'm holding out hope. For the guest bedroom, at the very least.

I don't know what, but I am loving this bathroom. I think it's the blue tiles, which simultaneously remind me of my grandmother's 1960s bathroom and of the Aegean Sea, which I've never seen, but imagine to be about this color. Also, what is the point of having a regency(esque) chair next to your bathtub? Who sits in a chair next to the bathtub? Is it for your significant other, so that they can chat with you while you recline in a bubble bath? That seems a little odd and not very helpful with relaxation. Is it to set a book or towel on? Then why not just get a table. Is it so that you can sit in it and look at your tub, which may or may not be empty? I don't understand. And I don't really care, because it's pretty. Also, that window-shade.

I love the color explosion of this living room. I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle this in real life for any extended period of time, but there are a lot of individual items in here that I love - actually, I love all of them. I would love this in my home with white walls, I think. Also, that couch looks really comfortable, especially if you happen to have a boyfriend who snores so loudly that you regularly have to relocate to the couch in order to sleep.

This home is so eclectic and full of all sorts of random and odd things that a Renaissance Faire nerd would have in their home. I suggest you indulge your inner stalker check out the other photos.

All photos from Vogue.


  1. These images are divine! I adore turquoise. I love that total explosion of colors in that living room (as you called it, I agree, it's fabulous) and also the surroundings of the bathtub. I love this post. I exudes happiness. Have a great weekend.

  2. her home is sooo "her"! i just want to be her best friend. and i agree - totally electric and amazing live. she is unstoppable :)


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