July 31, 2013

Back to School Wardrobe Staples

I know I am supposed to be thinking about summer, but all that's really on my mind is going back to school next month...which is almost this month...so really going back to school in a few weeks. Yikes! This year I'm determined NOT to be mistaken for a student! The problem with being a professor is that professors don't do business casual (thank god!), so if I dress nicely but fashionably, I just look like a well dressed student.

So, I'm taking a new approach.

I'm going to go with sophistication...or what a lot of people call prep.

So here are my wardrobe staples.  Most I already have, it's just a matter of wearing them all at the same time and expanding my wardrobe.

Classic Prep Staples

Button Down Tops - I haven't had a job that required me to leave my house looking professional since 2005 (no joke) so I need all knew tops. Thus far I've picked up a couple, but I figure I need a few more to have a real wardrobe.

Pearls - My one  regret (which isn't even really the right word here) is that I use to have a beautiful pair of pearl studs on gold posts that my grandfather gave me when I was younger. My grandfather and I were very tight and he passed away 2 days before Christmas when I was 12. Unfortunately, my pearls disappeared sometime in the last few years. I'm guessing someone borrowed them (I kept them at my parent's home) and then lost or misplaced them. Super sad face. Off to look for replacements...

Blazer - Seeing as I live in an area with lots and lots of snow, I feel like everything I own (or buy) should be made out of wool. I've been poking around for a tweed or herringbone blazer, but since it's still July, no such luck. Hopefully I'll find something in a thrift shop. I mean, college kids don't wear blazers, right? No chance of being mistaken by the librarian for a student.

Tote - I am digging this monogrammed leather tote from The Pink Monogram. It might even be big enough to squeeze my laptop in!

Dark Skinny Jeans - Jeans are traditionally not very prep, but I'm just not one for tapered khakis or chinos. Not going to happen. I've fallen in love with Rich & Skinny jeans because they somehow miraculously fit me without all the gaps and sagging and squishing of other brands. I've been hunting them down and buying them wherever I can find them.

Versatile Flats - I love flats. My boyfriend, who is 6'4", does not, but he has learned to deal. I picked up these Ralph Lauren Abigale II flats from 6pm for a great price. I also grabbed a pair of adorable polka dot Anne Klein Cosette flats. The list of other shoes on my wishlist is ridiculous, but mostly I just wish that J.Crew would bring back their shoe collection circa Winter 2008.

Oh, by the way, although packing is a pain.in.the.butt., it is SO satisfying to throw things out - especially the two garbage bags of clothes and shoes I have ready to go to the Salvation Army.


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