July 21, 2013

Femine Thrifted Finds

I've entered the world of thrifting once again, and already I've gone a little bananas. I'm doing my best to contain myself, but I'm having way too good of a time. Since I'll have my own place, I'm going all out with feminine details and design - the plan is, once we recombine living spaces, everything in my bedroom will go into the guest room and will become my work/craft studio.

I'm not going to cover everything in flowers and frills. My plan is go to with a white and gold theme with floral accents. I'd like to do a white bed, but I feel like it's just asking for trouble, not to mention our actual bed at home is also white (although I think I'm going to get a neutral covered duvet eventually - why is linen so expensive!).

Here are a few finds I've come across recently.

I found this lace table cloth in my parents basement, it's very much in need of a good cleaning, but I'm quite in love with it.This is the first time I've had enough roses of enough variety to make a little bouquet - Memorial Day, Abraham Darby, Lady Emma Hamilton, and Peace. They smell delicious! Now I just need a few more so I can fill all my vases.

My darling cat broke my only short vase, so I picked up these three for $.99, $2.99, and $.99 respectively. I've also developed a love for pink depression glass and have been picking up it whenever I see it. I got this little dish for $2.99, and a matching set of 5 crystal cut dessert plates for $3.99.

I'm reusing to bring anything nice with my on the moves I'll be making this year. It's too much of a hassle. So I'm bringing my favorire Christmas and Halloween mugs, as well as this Rose Specimen mug from the Natural History Museum Collection by Staffordshire China that I got for $.99.

Love this mirror! Mirrors are so expensive and I got this one for $12.99. I'm thinking of repainting it so that instead of peach and gold it's white and gold, not sure if it's worth the effort though, since it looks quite nice as it is.


  1. Oooh, love the mirror! What a steal!

    1. I know right? Thrifting is great if you have time but not a lot of money, lol. If I actually spend the time sorting through the piles, usually I can find some good things :)

  2. Thoughtful blog, thanks for sharing


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