August 6, 2013

Comfy and Cozy Apartment

So, as I have alluded to in various entries, I'm moving. Kind of. I've taken a contract job in the greater Rochester area, so I'll be living there during the week and then coming back home to Troy (and Tony!) on the weekends.

As I type this out, it almost sounds glamorous and exciting! It would actually be pretty ideal if I could bring Lux on the train! But, alas, Amtrak does not allow tiny hairless cats (come on, even the airlines allow pets!). So,  I'll have to drive 3.5 hours each way every time I want to come back home. Blah. So instead of thinking about how much driving I'll be doing, I'm going to focus on finding things for my apartment that make me feel comfy and cozy (and hopefully less lonely!).

Cozy Home

A cozy throw to keep you warm.

A cute mug to make your mornings a bit more cheerful.

Chocolates, because they instantly make an situation not so bad.

A ruffled pillow to snuggle up with.

Ice cream, because when you live alone no one is going to judge you for eating out of the carton.

Fresh flowers to brighten your day and make your home smell sweet.

What makes a home cozy for you? I think our next apartment will have a fireplace for cold nights, but in the meantime, any suggestions? I'm all ears (and eyes)!


  1. just got finished settling in to my garden apt in chicago. wish i had a fire place, i'm sure i'll be in need of one come winter!

    1. Tony will be moving to Buffalo in January and his apartment there (about a 1.25 hours from me) will hopefully have a fireplace. Apparently they're in the top 5 for most snowfall in the US, so we will really need it! In the meantime I am buying everything made out of wool!

  2. My boyfriend recently bought me a "handwarmer" mug from Clay in Motion (, and I'm investing in more cozy layering pieces. I'm feeling better about winter already.
    PS. I "nominated" your pretty face and space for one of those infamous Liebster Awards. I'm glad you're back to blogging!

    1. I have been trolling various thrift stores for sweaters and blazers and it is making me feel a lot better - alas, I think I'm going to need some new pants, too. Nothing worse than a cold bum!

      p.s. Thanks <3<3


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