August 24, 2013

Feeling Horsey: Equestrian Inspired Style

I'm a little sad because today is Travers Day and I am not in Saratoga. The joys of full time employment. So, while the rest of my family and boyfriend are enjoying what is surely a beautiful day at the races, I am at home working...and online window shopping. For purchase in September. Because I've put a moratorium on shopping for the rest of the month...which I fully intend to follow through with.

 [pic 1 | pic 2 | pic 3]

Why is it that the most beautiful pieces are made by designers like Gucci and Hermes? That's a rhetorical question. Although, I've managed to snag some ridiculous wins while thrifting lately, particularly a wool Ralph Lauren tweed blazer that I can't wait to wear  - although with temperatures supposedly reaching the high 80s, it won't be happening this week.

Here are some [mostly] affordable options...

Equestian Inspired Fashion

Except for that Gucci pump. That one snuck in.

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