August 14, 2013

The Breakers in Newport

Our first day in Newport we visited The Breakers - the famous mansion built by the Vanderbilt family as a summer retreat. The opulence is somewhat surreal. It's hard to imagine such a grand building being a private residence or that people, more than one family, could have such a residence as to employ a staff of 40. I think it would be near impossible for such a home to be built, let alone operate, now unless you're a prince in Abu Dhabi.

Size comparison!
We took a few photos around the outside of the home. I was sad to see that the gardens are no longer maintained as they once were. Instead of roses or perennials they're are very nice annual beds that require considerably less maintenance, another symbol signifying the comparative trimming of largess in today's world and economy.

I loved these trellises

Why hello, Ladies, would you like to see my mansion?
I also found a few awkwardly creepy looking things around the grounds. Case in point - wtf is this? I feel like it belongs on a movie set or in a Steven King miniseries like Rose Red.  It gives off more of a REDRUM vibe than a peaceful ocean serenity vibe.

Blaaah! I'm gonna eat you! - WHAT IS THIS!?
Tony is obnoxiously photogenic, whereas I am not photogenic at all. Let me give you a few quotes from our trip, "I don't understand, you look so beautiful in real life, I don't understand what's happening...." and "Well, I look better in photos in real life and you look a lot better in real life than in photos..." And these are from someone who loves me. So getting a photo where I look decent standing next to Mr. Pretty Face is not an easy task. It's a damn near miracle. More or less I need to catch a moment where I am looking super good and Tony is not looking as super model-esque as usual.

Sure, I could use photoshop to fix this weird red cast and awkward wrinkles  but I'm not that skilled...whatever.
As I said, the inside of this home is amazing, but unfortunately not photography is allowed inside. However, I loved the bedroom decor and library so much I think they deserve their own post, so I'm going to troll the internet for suitable promotional photos that show how lovely they really are.

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