September 7, 2013

A Little 13 Mile Saturday Morning Run

 My MO as a runner is pretty straightforward - Sign up for races, proceed to not train.

I am writing this post in advance, because at this moment I should be on my way to Manchester, Vermont to run the Manchester Maple Leaf Half Marathon at 8am. Since I know that I will very likely pass out once I've completed the race and inhaled some type of food that will probably directly lead to my future diagnosis of diabetes, I figured it was best to schedule a post in advance if I wanted to have one today.

Back to the point, which is to emphasize that I do a horrible job of preparing for every single half marathon I've signed up for. For my first half marathon, the Nike Women's DC Half, I did a Bikram challenge and inadvertently gave myself pneumonia the month before and then ran a last ditch 10 miles the week before. For the Jamestown Half Marathon...I did nothing. I ran 8 miles two days before the race - although at the time I was also lifting now and then. I'm not sure if I've prepared better or worse for today's race. Considering I ran almost as much this week as I ran in all of August, I'm thinking worse. I ran an easy 8 miles on Monday, 4 on Thursday, and I'm counting on muscle memory for the rest.

However, I've had an epiphany. If I sign up for a half marathon every month, then I can continue to just half ass in between yet inadvertently still be training. Brilliant! The only problem is that I live in New York, and if you haven't heard, it gets pretty darn cold and snowy here, starting in October and going through March. I am already signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, so I've got February covered.

The dilemma will be finding races in November, December, and January. Suggestions? I'm down for a race weekend somewhere warm, too - so long as the flight is cheap!

By the way, if you haven't seen this amazing summary of what it's like to be a distance runner by The Oatmeal, you should go click on it. RIGHT NOW. I laughed so much, over and over, while sitting by myself in a room. So good. I'm pretty sure I resemble the cartoon man to a tee while running. Now give me a snack.

Check in next week to see how I survived today's race!


  1. Good luck! My half training is kind of similar - I just sign up for 10ks and hope for the best.

    1. My new theory is this: Where is the challenge if I actually train ;oP


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