September 14, 2013

Seasonally Appropriate Obsession: Skulls

I think skulls are pretty cool, but unless I want people thinking I'm a teenage goth who only shops at Hot Topic, I generally keep my skull love to the weeks leading up to Halloween. Here are a few Etsy finds I wouldn't mind adding to my creepy-halloween-skull-October hoard

Clockwise: Skull Sculpture | Poison Spoon | Vintage China Tea Skull Plate | Skull Scarf | Opium Candle | Skull Ring | Skull Tank | Creepy Skull Cup | Pirate Skull Wax Seal Stamp

Am I alone in my love of skulls? I know it's very Angry High School Student, but I just think they're so darn neat. I mean, it brings together Halloween and Pirate cultures, which are pretty much my favorite things. Someone find me a preppy skull that I can wear to work, please.

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