November 27, 2013

Black Friday Wishlist

Are you a Black Friday shopper?

I have to admit, I occasionally am. I haven't gone out to the stores in years, but I do get up at 6am (a whole 30 minutes earlier than usual!) to check out the online sales. In fact, I'm even worse than a Black Friday shopper. I'm one of those people who goes shopping on Thanksgiving. It's become a bit of a new tradition in my family. The last couple years we watch National Lampoon Christmas Vacation after Thanksgiving dinner and then pile into the car to do some midnight outlet shopping in Lake George. I know, I'm part of the problem, not the solution. Oh wells, it's not so much about getting all the things before there are no things! But more about the fun experience of hanging out with my cousins and midnight adventures.

Do you have any favorite stores you check out? Here are a few things on my Black Friday Wishlist - although I am sure I'll be stopping by Marshalls and Rue La La, too

Coach - I got a pair of cashmere lined leather Basic Gloves from Coach years ago and they have held up wonderfully. I'd love to get a pair in red this year (I'm a very red accessories kind of girl), but it seems in order to do so, I must upgrade to the 3 Turnlock Glove.

J.Crew - I have been digging their flannel button downs and also recently bought a couple pairs of the Winnie pant. I might pick up another pair of Velvet Jeans and give the Minnie Pant a try.

Baublebar - I'm new to the Baublebar, but I've been liking what I've seen so far. I am especially loving the Gold Sparkler Set. These Ice Lantern Drop Earrings would also go perfectly with a bracelet I just ordered from Jewelmint.

Yankee Candle Co. - There's a Yankee Candle store at the outlets we usually head up to on Thanksgiving, so it seems like the perfect time to stop in and pick up a few of my favorites, Mistletoe, Peppermint Bark, Christmas Eve..and really anything holiday related.

L.L. Bean - I'm thinking of going with the L.L. Bean 10" Shearling Lined Boots in Brown - I'll also be purchasing Tony a special Christmas present there, too :)

Lilly Pulitzer - I am loving the Kariana Sweater Shift Dress, Haven Sweater Dress, and Yardley Sweater Dress.


  1. Great wishlist, I'm sooo excited for Black Friday!! I'm usually not a hugeee Lilly Pulitzer fan, but I actually really like that dress!

  2. I have that second bracelet and I LOVE it! It goes with everything. I'm a total go out in the middle of the night shopper, too. I don't feel too bad because I always go with my dad and it's a good chance for us to spend some one on one quality time!

  3. Those gloves are too cute! I always feel so fancy wearing leather gloves, especially while I drive! Haha. And I'm totally with you on not caring about shopping on/before Black Friday...ehh, I love it, so who cares?!


  4. I was wondering what kind of Black Friday sales J Crew would be having because I had a couple items I had my eye on. Side note: I love those bauble bar bangles, so pretty! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  5. I love the bracelets! So pretty!

  6. I love the pixie pants and have been wanting to try the minnie! Those candle scents sound sooo good too! I have so many winter candles from last year that I'm not letting myself buy any new ones this year but it's so hard not to give in!!

    sundays grace

  7. Love the Lilly with the long layered pearls! It kind of looks Gatsby-inspired to me, which is a great style.



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