November 18, 2013

You Can Get With This or You Can Get With That

Apologies for going MIA, but I've been dealing with some BS on the home front. It turned out that Chi Chi had some issues that the vet didn't realize before she cleared her to leave quarantine, and as a result shit hit the fan, so to speak, as not only was Lux affected, but so was my Mother's cat, since we tracked the stuff across pretty much all of New York state. Awesome sauce!

But, things are finally getting under control and I figured it was time to update. I am very much in the mood for holiday festivities and have been eying shoes lately....

Top to Bottom

So, you could get with the partay shoes on the left, or for a let less you can get with the fancy soles on the right. I have to admit, I love love the Kate Spade Charm Heels, but it's pretty hard to justify the price when you can get something so similar for $250 less. What say you? Can you still get quality shoes for $80 (and if not, what has the world come to, when $80 can't get you a decent pair of shoes)?


  1. This is probably one of the BEST splurge-or-save type things I've ever seen, seriously. Both sides look so similar!!!

  2. The bargain gold and bargain houndstooth shoes are actually my favorite above. So cute!!

    KK @ Preppy Pink Crocodile

  3. That sounds awful about the issues that the vet didn't catch :( hope all the kitties are okay!
    I would go with the less expensive pairs because I couldn't imagine dropping a couple hundred dollars on shoes without having a heart attack ha ha!

  4. I love those gold shoes with the bow! So perfect for a holiday party!

  5. Omg, those Badgley Mishka red heels... amazing! Hope your cat is doing okay!

  6. love the sparkle shoes.... can never have too much sparkle!

    Lady à la Mode

  7. I love save vs. splurge posts, it opens my eyes to so many affordable but cute pieces! Those black pumps with gold detail are amazing.

  8. Ahh! I love those gold Kate Spade look-a-likes!! And for only $80! Thats awesome! :)

  9. wow those first shoes are an AMAZING save! & i just pinned the navy version to my want list on pinterest hahaha
    & sorry to hear about your furbabies, that is the absolute worst! but glad things are looking up :D
    xx Corinne


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