December 4, 2013

What's the Most Expensive Thing You've Purchased for Yourself?

Setting aside things like cars, houses, and appliances, I'm wondering what the most expensive thing you've ever bought is? I'm considering getting this bag from Dooney & Bourke, which I've been coveting for months now.

It retails for $398, but with various discounts and Ebates, I could get it for around $300. My BFF says that since I rarely buy purses (I haven't bought one in 3 years, if you can believe it!), then I should totally get it. After all, what's the point of having a full time job if you can't occasionally spoil yourself. However, I'm having trouble pulling the trigger. I've never spent that much on anything except for bridesmaids dresses that I will never wear again.

I have decided bridesmaids dresses don't count, since I didn't really have a choice. I think this Betsey Johnson Dress and this little Fendi purse (except in black and gray, I might have kept it if it was crazy purple and gold!) are the most expensive things I've ever bought at around $200 (dress was more especially with the alterations they talked me into!). And oddly enough, I ended up selling both on ebay. The dress because my big butt could no longer fit in it (seriously tragic, I LOVED that dress, too bad I can't find a better picture of it) and the purse because I never used it.

So I'm wondering, what's the most expensive thing you've purchased for yourself?


  1. The most expensive thing I purchased for myself was my Macbook Pro but as far as clothing/accessories go it was my Kate Spade Beau Bag (which I got during the Bloomingdales Friends and Family sale) for $400. Sometimes it's nice to save up your money and treat yourself to something.

  2. I LOVE THAT BAG! I'm not even a big "bag" person but that looks so nice and classic and perfect! I think it's a perfect splurge item! ;) I've had the kate spade cobble hill mini minka on my wish list for a while now and I think it will probably be my first designer bag purchase. I really do love this one though! I think if you look at it as an investment and something you can use often it's worth the money-- sometimes I like to divide the price of something up by the number of times I use it....haha hopefully I'm not the only person who does that!

  3. I once spent $400 on a first edition of Peter and Wendy lol

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  4. Hmm...I think mine would be $40 on a pair of shoes...I'm so cheap haha. But partly because I'm 15 and my mom still buys me things.

  5. Ha that is so true, bridesmaids dresses are the most expensive thing I've bought. My purchases usually add up. It's not one thing that's super expensive, but I'll spend $300 in one store at one time (uh... usually victoria's secret...) Probably my camera was the most expensive single item.

  6. My Tory Burch Mini Amanda! I love it so much, I have zero regrets! My next investment will be a Burberry trench (I think).

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  7. I am so cheap I really don't like spending very much on clothes. But the most expensive clothing purchase I made was about $150 for cowboy boots :)

  8. I just bought a vintage Chanel.. I cant wait til it comes in!! xo

  9. My house :). I really don't buy bags or shoes that are expensive. They do nothing for me! But appreciate others love,

  10. Fun post!! I think the most expensive item I bought for myself are my Jimmy Choo Biker Boots!! I keep telling myself I will use them for 10 years so I can justify haha

    Big kiss!


  11. What a beautiful bag! I say go for it! Purses and shoes are always my biggest splurges (or rather, investments). And you can't go wrong with such a classic bag! Can't wait to see it. :)

    Classic Katy

  12. I think the most expensive thing I've bought is a pair of riding boots. I paid just over $200 for them over seven years ago. I still have them and wear them though. So the cost per wear must pretty low by now. I think it's okay to buy something really expensive if you're going to use it all the time like that beautiful bag.

    But now that I think about it, I did spend quite a bit than that on my wedding dress and I bought my bridesmaids their dresses and they were all more expensive than those boots and those were things that as far as I know were only worn once.


  13. It is a gorgeous purse! But I am not sure I could spend that much on it. The most I have spent on one item was $100 for a pair of boots - I try to be frugal. Maybe as a Christmas present?

  14. mmmm I don't know... probably my D&G watch ;)

  15. The most expensive item I've ever bought for myself (clothing/accessory wise) would be my Dubarry boots, at $600.00, then it would have to be my $350 Kate Spade bag, that I wouldn't have bought if it hadn't been on sale at 50% off. This was back when I lived at home and didn't have any expenses... So when I had money. :P


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