March 24, 2014

An Afternoon with the College Prepster and Tony Walker & Co.

I know it's been ages since I've updated. I've been in this weird place where my personal life (job, living situation, etc) have all been up in the air and it just felt next to impossible to blog about shoes and candles when I was dealing with so many serious and life changing evens. However, I had a really interesting experience yesterday that has me feeling motivated and optimistic.

As a few of you know, I'm splitting my time between two different cities right now - one of which is Williamsville. I happened upon Tony Walter & Co, the local upscale shop in town, a month or so ago thanks to Allison at Clearing Preppy's Name, who was kind enough to direct me to the nearest purveyor of Lilly. Well fast forward a few weeks and I find out Carly from The College Prepster is doing an event at TW&Co. for the grand opening of their Nantucket Shop. How could I pass up the opportunity to chat with such a successful self made woman?

Top [Lilly Pulitzer via The Pink Paddock - similar] ::  Jeans [Express] :: Flats [Ann Klein - similar] :: Clutch [Lilly Pulitzer - similar] :: Bracelet [Kate Spade]

I arrived at the start of the event and milled about the store before recognizing Allison, who was already chatting with Carly. I joined them and we had a great conversation for the better part of half an hour or so. We chatted about all sorts of odd things - the fact that we're crazy pet parents, whether or not to send our non-existent future children to private school (probably not), the terrible state of middle school fashion (too much makeup, too little fabric on 13 year old girls), and the joys of being a coxswain and getting up at ungodly hours for practice (I rowed for 7 years, so I could commiserate). Carly was gracious and open in answering all our questions, giving some great perspective on some of our more serious questions. One of which I wanted to share -

 Picture Credit: Tony Walker & Co.

When I asked Carly if she ever found it difficult to blog when other things in her life were going on, she brought this point - For her, things are a little different. She has to blog, it's her job after all. If she takes a break then she won't be able to survive in the city. Blogging is also a great escape and distraction; at the same time, it helps her put life's problems into perspective - because of her business and the nature of blogging, even if the weather is cold and snowy (which is still is here!), she has to move on and force herself to think and act like it's spring.

So, with that advice in mind, I thought I'd start putting together some blog posts. How is spring going for you so far? Any potential spring or summer adventures on the horizon?


  1. You look AWESOME! Cutest anchor bangle ever. Welcome back, lady! :)

  2. Welcome back, you were missed! I'm glad you got some new perspective and took some time off to reflect!

  3. Sounds like an awesome event & like you got some great advice :) Can't wait for more posts!

  4. Spring's going fine! Looks like a lovely time and you got some fab advice :-) looking forward to more posts xx

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  5. I'm so excited to see a post from you, and I can't wait to read more! Sounds like you had an amazing time and got some awesome advice :D I am so excited for spring!

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