April 2, 2014

Winter's Last Hurrah :: Signature L.L. Bean Boot

Or at least I hope so. This past weekend we were taken by unexpected snow storm that left us stranded in our apartment for yet another weekend. About a 1/4" of ice and 4-5 inches of snow later, we ventured outside.


Quite frankly, I am really tired of the snow. So tried. But I am really hoping that this is the last one. And on the plus side, it did give me an excuse to wear my Serious Business L.L. Bean Boots. Remember the 16" Shearling Lined Boots from L.L. Bean Signature that I was talking about in this post? Well here they are!

Sweater :: J.Crew | Pants :: Express | Scarf :: Anthropologie | Bag :: Coach | Boots :: L.L. Bean Signature | Necklace :: GroopDealz

These boots are SO WARM. It is incredible. I've never owned a pair of boots that worked this well! And considering that I now live in a place where it was -45 DEGREES this winter (!!!) and the average snow fall is 95 INCHES, warm, tall boots are a necessity. However, as some other reviewers have commented, they do take a while to get on. There is no zipper so you really do have to lace them all the way up each time. I'd say it takes a good few minutes to get each boot on. I'm okay with this because my theory is once I get them on, I'm not taking them off until I'm home for the day. But, on the down side, they really aren't a pair of boots you can throw on just to get the mail at the end of the drive. Oh, and I also think that L.L. Bean could make the laces a bit longer. Either way, I'd call them amazing, because my toes have never been this warm. I find that they run fairly true to size (I am a six and the six fits me just fine).

Sorry for the poor lighting- these are the Brown Boots (they also come in Black)

Oh, and I think Tony is getting a lot better at being my fashion photographer. Thank god for patient boyfriends. Although we both agree I'm not really this white and there was just terrible lighting that day. I mean, if we were to go by these pictures, I think we could all agree I'd give any vampire a run for their money. Either way, I'm pretty sure I need to get myself a tan asap.


  1. The boots look amazing!! A great way to put lingering winter into a positive perspective!

  2. Such a cute look. Right out of a magazine - you just need a seal or something in the background ha.

  3. I need these boots for next winter! So cute!

  4. I love those boots!! I'm pretty sure I need a pair for next year!

  5. I really like those boots, they really are perfect for this crazy upstate NY weather. However... it is currently 58 in the 518, hooray!

  6. Pretty look.

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  7. I love how you accented your look with coral accessories, they're so bright and fun! :)


  8. love how spring is peeping through with the colors in your outfit!

    Kira {apairofchicpearls.blogspot.com}

  9. Beautiful look!!


  10. Beautiful look my dear, I love the boots!


  11. Love the boots! But I'm also hoping and praying that the snow stays away until next winter. xo



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