April 13, 2015

Monday Morning Monograms

Since I was on a hiatus for the last year, there are quite a few things that happened that never made it to the blog. Included in this is our annual Rhode Island Beach Weekend and a few acquisitions in the jewelry and wardrobe department.

Making it's debut on the blog is my new signet ring. I'm particularly pleased about this ring since my monogram will be changing a bit after the wedding and I think it's nice to have a monogram from pre-wedding day to wear on my right hand. No one really does four initial rings (I'm not dropping my last night, I'm just going to keep adding on to it!), anyway.

The name change was a topic of major debate in our household. I was really adamant about keeping my last name, while it was really important that we have the same name for Tony...while simultaneously he wasn't willing to alter his name in anyway. Funny how that works, right ladies? He also felt that it was important that I keep my last name for professional reasons but wanted me to have his last name in our personal life. While this might seem like a good compromise, I wasn't really enthusiastic about this option. After all, why should I have to balance two identities? I may wear different hats, but it's always the same person wearing them! On top of that, you KNOW there's a 99% chance that when we go to a parent teacher conference, he'll get to be Dr. and I'll end up being Mrs. And let me tell you, if you've spent 10 years working on a doctorate, you'll be really peeved when one of you gets to be Doctor and the the other isn't (and for the record, I don't correct people in every day life when they refer to me as Miss or Ms, but if he's going to get to be Doctor, I want to be, too!).

In the end, I decided that I'll be adding his name to my last name. No hyphen, just two last names, bringing the grand total of names up to four. Will I be changing my name professionally? I haven't decided yet. Tony doesn't think I should, but seeing as I don't have any divorce plans in the future and I'm relatively young in my chosen profession, I don't see why not. Also, I might add that adding his name gives me a much more balanced monogram!...provided I just omit my middle name completely. Having a "w" on either side of your monogram really throws the proportions off! The symmetry of JTL is just too pleasing to the eye to pass up (only mild sarcasm, because it's pretty much true!).

So what do you think ladies, would you consider changing your name for marriage or have you changed your name?

You can get the same ring from Personalized from Me to You, who is running a sale right now (20% off!) on their Monogrammed Sterling Silver Horizontal Oval Rings. I'm also a big fan of the  Monogrammed Sterling Silver Oval Ring Braided Trim Ring.


  1. What a fun keepsake - love the style!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  2. those hydrangeas are beautiful!

  3. Beautiful flowers and cute ring :)

  4. Love that you decided to keep your name as well as take on his. I'm the last of my name so if/when I get married I always thought about not wanting to completely give it up.

  5. Love your ring and the fact that you are holding a coke in the glass bottle! On a professional level I would keep my last night but take someone else's in the marriage thing. I say good for you for sticking to your guns and holding on to your last name!


    1. Thanks! The 'old fashioned' Coke made with real sugar cane really does taste different - It's definitely one of my summer treats!

  6. I love your hydrangea photos and that ring!! So beautiful. I am not currently married, but I plan to take on my spouse's last name once I am. I don't personally find it as a set-back/infringement on my identity, but who knows how I will feel once that day comes.

    Great post!

  7. beautiful flowers!

  8. I like the pics! I will have both names :-D Greetings from Germany!


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