September 19, 2016

Essential Oil Sleepy Linen Spray Recipe

This is my new favorite thing! It's funny how sometimes a smell you don't particularly like at first becomes addicting. I've had that happen to me two times in the past few months. A couple months ago my cousin brought over these cute bottles for us to make linen sprays with (she's super crafty). My son hadn't been sleeping more than two hours at a time and I basically felt like my brain was melting my body was dying, so I decided to make a Sleepy Pillow Spray.

I was not the biggest fan of Cedarwood at first, but now I am loving the earthy scent. I find it grounding and relaxing at night. I spray it all over my and my husband's bed and my son's linens. I am happy to report we have finally made it up to 4 hour stretches. Once, we even got to 6 hours! *confetti*

Here are the best days of my life so far: The day I finally got my PhD; The day I got married to my Hottie Smarty Pants Husband; and like, I guess, a some day, few days after my son was born when I had recovered enough to not feel like I was dying and realized I had a wicked cute kid. However, those will all be replaced the first night I get an uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep. Because #priorities.

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