February 1, 2017

Limited Edition Flower and Garden Festival Tote

I'm so excited to be going to my first Flower and Garden Festival at Disney this year. I'll be in town because of the Dark Side Challenge (which I really need to start training for), so it only makes sense to stop by Epcot. As a garden enthusiast, I am super excited to see all the flower beds and topiaries (I sound like a 90 year old lady right now), but I am even more excited for the delicious food and tasty beverages. I never really appreciated Epcot until I became an adult and realized how important food and beverages were to my personal happiness!

To commemorate this trip, I made this Limited Edition tote, which features my favorite Lilly Pulitzer inspired print, Hotty Pink First Impressions. I hope you also like it! Depending on the feedback I get from this bag, I may offer more Lilly Putlizer inspired prints in the future. What do you think, are more Lilly inspired bags something you'd be interested in?

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