May 24, 2017

The Sweetest Lemons

My first trip to Old Florida we spent some time at the Gasparilla Inn and Beach Club. The Beach Club has the cutest umbrellas with yellow stripes that matched my top and bag perfectly! It's so quiet and relaxing there, and guests have access to a private beachfront...if you're not so into sandy crevices, you can sit next to the pool or do a few laps and enjoy an ocean view while listening to the waves!


My love of lemons is well known, but can you believe that this Florens Lemon Blouse is only $17, including shipping, on Amazon Prime? It's a light weight, flowy, off the shoulder top that is perfect for warm weather! I suspect I'll be wearing it quite a bit this summer (for those wondering about sizing, I am wearing a Small). It's basically like winning the Lemon Lottery! It also comes in other several fabrics, including a pineapple print! Unforunately my Kate Spade lemon purse is no longer available, but if you must have it, you can find it on Poshmark! I already mentioned these Ralph Lauren wedges in my last few posts, but I really gave them a workout in Florida. As for my Lilly Pulitzer shorts, I think they're on their last legs. I've taken them on every warm weather trip I've gone on in the last two to three years. They are such a great investment - stretchy, comfortable, and they match everything! They don't seem to be in stock right now, so I think I'm going to go with the ever so cute Dahlia Shorts in navy. Navy is basically my go to year round, there is nothing it doesn't match #navyornothing

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