June 5, 2017

Coming Up Roses: Skincare, Self Care, and Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleanser

When I was younger, with far fewer responsibilities and significantly more disposable income, I always took the time take care of my skin and invest in high quality skincare products. Much of this is the result of having systic acne at a very young age and consequently adopting a routine of creams, medications, and moisturizers from a very young age. More recently, life has taken me off course and I've really neglected myself the last few years. The trials and tribulations of a long distance relationship, 4 moves, a full time, stressful job, planning a wedding immediately followed by a difficult pregnancy and delivery meant that for the several years, I've been lucky if I put on sunscreen, let alone the serums and moisturizers I use to routinely use.

The attention I've paid to my appearance has gotten me some criticism over the years, and even family members have called me vain. However, I think it's near-sighted to criticize someone who takes pride in their appearance and who finds enjoyment in taking care of themselves. There is a great deal of emphasis placed on eating the right thing and exercising properly, but people are often shamed for their willingness to spend a good amount of time and money on skincare and beauty products. More recently, there has been a lot of discussion on how skincare is a form of self care and how skincare, and self care, can be tied to depression. Female academics in particular are exploring this relationship.

Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleanser was my first foray into overhauling my skincare routine...and by overhauling I mean tossing the 4 year old Neutrogena sunscreen in my cabinet (not really, I just started using it on my neck and shoulders) and essentially creating one from scratch. I initially balked at the $20 price tag (I mean, this is just one step in my new, multi-step routine and I've always been one for discounts!), but after reading many reviews I decided to go for it. After all, until recently, this cleanser use to be in scarce demand and cost $40! Now with Amazon Price, it's half the price and I got it within two days. Thank you, internet.

I have been immensely pleased with my decision to give this cleanser a shot. I feel like I saw a difference in skin clarity and texture within a few days, and it immediately felt cleaner.

How I've been using it:
I've been using it on its own in the morning as well as a second cleanser after using an oil based cleanser to remove my sunscreen and makeup (more about that later). I have tried applying it directly to my face as instructed, but my favorite way to use it is with a gently exfoliating Konjac Sponge. I found that a swipe or two of the cleanser on the sponge produced a plethora of bubbles!

Here's what I've found:
It smells like roses: I'm a sucker for anything rose themed, so it's no surprised that I was initially drawn to the rose scent and the fact that this cleanser has both rose extract and rose petals in it.

It's a low pH cleanser: Apparently this is important if you plan to use AHAs and BHAs (chemical exfoliants), as they work best when your skin is at a lower pH level. Plus, it's just good for keeping your skin at the appropriate pH level to keep it healthy.

It's a solid, stick form: In other words, it won't take up important space in your liquids carry on bag! Plus, there's no need to worry about spillage when traveling.

It leaves my skin so soft: Seriously, my skin is so soft and moisturized feeling after using this product. I felt I saw an immediate change in my complexion.

It's actually economical: It takes such a tiny amount to wash my face. Each stick lasts at least 3-4 months on average.

I have been so pleased with my new skincare routine and the new products that I've been experimenting with I can't wait to share more with you! Tell me about your favorite beauty products - what are your must haves?


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