June 8, 2017

Siesta Key Beach

When I was visiting Ashley, she was shocked to find out that I had never been to Siesta Key Beach, a gorgeous beach on the West Coast of Florida about an hour or so south of Tampa.

Shift | Sandals (similar) | Sunnies

Although it's still relatively quiet, in 2015 it was voted the most beautiful beach in America and its popularity has been growing since. The white sand is what makes the beach so unique. It's made up entirely of ground quartz and is pure white and soft as powdered sugar. Perhaps the icing on the cake is the fact that it doesn't absorb heat like regular sand. There is nothing worse than taking a beach vacation and ending up with 2nd degree burns on the bottom of your feet because you didn't have your sandals on you, amirite? #firstworldproblems


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