December 13, 2017

Fairest of Them All

 Recently I joined my friend Ashley on a trip to Indiana. Aside from a few conferences in Chicago and Cincinnati, I've never really been in the Midwest. Although, given the fact that they say "pop" in Buffalo (that's a NOPE from me), you could probably argue that Western New York is borderline Midwest. This was my first time exploring the "real" Midwest and leaving the city. I flew into Midway Airport and took the South Shore line to the Indiana Dune region of Indiana. I was surprised to find it was only a short one hour train ride away!

Given that both of us work in the field of history professionally, and Ashley being an actual historian (albeit European), one of our first stops was the Bailly Homestead and Chellberg Farm. True Confession: When I was in elementary school, I dressed up as a frontiers person and was part of the living museum aspect at the Saratoga National Battlefield. I use to make corn fritters and old fashioned soap over a campfire.  Ha, I know, how could someone be so cool at such a young age?! I tell you, it's a question I ask myself every day! Needless to say, this trip was right up my alley.

I kept warning Ashley that she should prepare herself for the weather - lots of snow, biting cold, terrible wind, etc. The last time we took a winter trip (okay, it was March, which is technically spring) it was to conference in Boston and she didn't even bring a scarf or hat! Well, I had to eat my words because we visited during what was quite the warm spell for Indiana! Aside from some frosty mornings, every day was in the 50s, so I was able to wear this colorful fair isle sweater and adorable flounced velvet skirt with  dot stockings and my Hunter boots with liners (L.L. Bean makes a silver fur version - and they make my coat, here is a version without fur!) and be toasty warm! I don't go anywhere without ear muffs or a hat, so I wore my favorite Kate Spade ear muffs from last year. I am so excited they have an updated version of these, because satin bow is so cute. This year I'm really loving these pearl ear muffs! Have you come across any adorable ear muffs lately? Oh, last but not least, my favorite KJP bracelet. The simple style and gold are truly classic!

I really loved this fair isle sweater! I have never seen such a colorful sweater in such a traditional pattern. Plus it has these super sweet buttons down the back! I have to say, I've been pretty impressed with Talbots this year. If you saw my previous Winter Wishlist, you'll notice I'm a fan of their winter and holiday collection! Also, I think we can all agree that last photo is definitely the best.

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