January 1, 2018

Keeping Cozy

I am the only one of my siblings and all of my cousins who does not downhill ski or snowboard. What can I say? The day my mother brought me to the mountain to watch and decide if I wanted to learn, someone had a horrific fall and had to be airlifted to the hospital. Needless to say, it made quite the impression and I decided that full-contact karate would be a much safer sport, ha! However, I did take up cross country skiing later and I am ALL about apr├Ęs-ski - the fun social activities that take place after a day of skiing! They generally involve, eating, drinking, hanging out in the sauna and some snow hot tub time. Even now, Tony and I join our friends (who, being from New England, of course all ski) on ski vacations just so we can get some cozy rest and relaxation in. Most of these fun activities take place outside or in the draft lodge, so you want to stay warm and cozy! This outfit is perfect for an afternoon on the slopes or some outdoor exploration.

I actually took some of these photos while visiting the Broken Wagon Bison Ranch in Indiana. Honestly, although I currently live in Buffalo, I had never seen a Buffalo before! On top of that, ironically, Buffalo have never actually lived in Buffalo...even though you can't go anywhere without seeing a buffalo statue. I have to admit, they were both bigger and cuter than I thought they would be! The buffalo standing behind me in the picture is named Daisy, and she is very food motivated, so I could totally relate. 

Outfit Details: Free People I Heart You Sweater; Velvet High Waisted Pants (Similar); Madewell Socks; Sorel Winter Fancy II BootsMali + Lili Cocoa Heart Crossbody; J.Crew Ribbed Beanie with Faux Fur Pom Pom Hat

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