February 21, 2018

Finding the Perfect Fit

I have to tell you about a style of pants that I stumbled upon last year at Nordstom Rack. I about 6 months postpartum and I needed a pair of pants to wear, except I was nowhere near the shape that I use to be - I was basically pre-pregnancy sized everywhere except for my lower stomach area. On top of that, I loathed anything that presses in to my stomach. This dislike started back when my interstitial cystitis was very active - anything that pressed against my lower abdomen made me feel like I had to go to the bathroom constantly. While that feeling eventually went away, the  damage and trauma to my abdomen from my labor and delivery left my with a lot of bloating and inflammation in my lower abdomen and once again I hated *anything* that pressed into my stomach. Even now it is still problematic, and anything that is tight around my stomach tends to lead to pain, cramping, and even reflux. So I was so excited when a pair of pants I happened to pick up from the clearance rack not only fit, but were extremely comfortable.

My 16" lined boots are sold out, but I've linked a similar pair!

The brand is Democracy and the style of pants is "Ab Style Technology." Democracy describes it as featuring "slimming panels to mold your assets and hold everything in place." From what I can tell, they have wide elastic panels around the entire waistband. This holds the pants up and stops the "gaps," but because the elastic is so wide, it does not pinch or pull tightly against the waistband. I have found it to be so comfortable, they're almost the only pants that I reach for these days. I love this style so much, that I picked up 3 more pairs this winter - a pair of jeggings, a pair of jeans and a pair of corduroys! The best part is that Nordstrom Rack seems to not only carry them regularly, but to also have them on sale often. They come in petite, regular, and plus sizing.

Given my requirements for pants - no pinching, no tightness, no restrictions, I imagine that this style of pant would also work well for women who have sensitivity from other abdominal conditions that make them sensitive to waistbands, but also to women who are postpartum or post c-section. Have you tried these pants - what do you think?

Oh, this post is not sponsored, I just love these pants!

Shop this outfit

I've linked the pants I purchased, as well as some of my favorites for spring below.

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