April 24, 2018

Influenster: A Twist on the Subscription Box

Have you ever used Influenster? I first came across this website when I was looking for reviews on beauty and skincare products before I purchased them. This site has reviews for *everything* - I was able to find reviews for products that weren't even sold in the United States, which was really helpful for me, since I order most of my products online.

They also send out tons of products for testing in what they call their "VoxBoxes." This boxes contain an assortment of products. In my case, I was sent the Finesse VoxBox, which had, in my opinion, the most random assortment of products - Essie gel nail polish, Minute Maid rice and quinoa, an Olly protein smoothie and Not Your Mother's Naturals mousse. Pretty random, right? But hey, I LOVE trying new products out! The main difference between the VoxBox and the traditional subscription box is that you have to enter to win a VoxBox (which you do by filling out a profile, answering survey questions, and writing reviews) and all the items are complementary.

Out of all the products I was send, I absolutely love the Essie gel nail polish. I've actually already gone out and bought some more shades (I recently got Pinned Up and am probably going to get Satin Slipper next) because it's so fantastic. It lasts longer than regular polish, but more importantly, it tried SO quick. I can give myself a manicure before bed and don't have to worry about sheet imprints on my nails. Seriously, all you need is about 10 minutes and you can do a full, glossy manicure. My only disappointment with the line is that I wish there were more nude shades.

Shop the Finesse VoxBox!

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