Hello & Welcome


Lady Doctor,
PhD Chic.
Disney Lover
Swears like a sailor
Mother to a soul-stealing ginger
Mediocre Domestic Betty
(we eat a lot of frozen pizza. whatever, it's organic)
Married up to a hottie (woot woot)
{PsA, Fibro, IC}
I like to get shit done.
I also like cheese
And wine.
I hate running;
I love running races.
Especially at Disney.
No bullshit
Proud Basic Bitch
All the cappuccini 
All the lattes
All the cats

I can never decide on a blog theme, so I pretty much write about it all.

Many of you have found my blog through searches on interstitial cystitis (IC). 
Here's the condensed version:

I started having symptoms at 18 after a UTI. I was diagnosed with acute IC at 19. I was told my case was in the top 3% worst cases of IC and I started conventional treatment. It didn't work. After several years of a strict diet and herbal supplements, I improved considerably. I am now considered in remission and live a pretty normal life. And what I mean by that is that I drink coffee, like every day. And alcohol. And caffeine. Basically I'm a rockstar. I still deal with a few IC medical issues that I consider to be fairly minor in the grand scheme of things. I also have inflammatory arthritis (psoriatic arthritis, i.e. PSA) and fibromyalgia.  I use a lot of natural approaches to support my overall wellness and health. My current general goal is to remain stable and put off chemotherapy and biologic treatments as long as possible.