I have dealt with symptoms of auto immune disease since I was 16, when I developed a severe case of bursitis in both of my hips. This lasted for approximately 8 months and during that time I tried medications and physical therapy with no improvement. When it finally resolved itself, I had lost quite a bit of flexibility, but did regain most of my mobility. I later found out that this was likely my first flare of psoriatic arthritis, which I was recently diagnosed with.

When I describe myself I say "Jessica, I love fashion, design, running" and I debate over whether or not to label myself as someone with immune disease because I don't want my illnesses to define me, but the reality is, it really does affect my life significantly. Many people come here looking for information about my past experiences with interstitial cystitis, which I've shared below. Most of my entries these days focus on supporting my overall immune system and health and my life with psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia. Many of the supplements I take and activities I participate in are intentionally done in order to maintain my goal of avoiding chemotherapy and biologics for as long as possible.

My Daily Wellness Routine
Essential Oils
My Interstitial Cystitis: Part 1 - Diagnosis
My Interstitial Cystitis: Part 2 - Treatment

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